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Are you ready to lead with GREATER authenticity, break conventional molds, and inspire meaningful change in your career and beyond?

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Discover the top 10 essential attributes for modern leaders, assess your current standing, and create a tailored plan to elevate your leadership.


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As trailblazers, we understand the thrill of pushing boundaries to create an impact beyond the ordinary.

Yet, even leaders face moments of uncertainty, and the journey, though thrilling, can sometimes feel isolating.

Imagine having a mentor who’s walked in your shoes, intimately familiar with the challenges you face, and adept at creating a lasting impact. Because leaders like us bear the responsibility of bringing our A-game every single day, in every facet of life – both professionally and personally.

That’s where Chris Holter comes in.

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Your Trusted Leadership Development Coach

where leadership isn’t just about strategyβ€”it’s about heart.

At Chris Holter Consulting, we are stewards of leadership excellence. Our expertise lies in empowering leaders, teams, and organizations to magnify their impact. Founded on the belief that individuals have the power to shape the world, coach Chris Holter is passionate about being your trusted advisor and compassionate change catalyst. Our pursuit is not just professional success; it’s about creating a better world through exceptional leadership. Join us on this journey where your growth translates into positive change, leaving a lasting legacy.

A Fusion of Strategy and Heartfelt Hospitality

Holistic Problem-Solving

Go beyond the conventional. Merge practical wisdom with creative thinking.

Personalized Guidance

Navigate challenges with coaching tailored to your strengths.

Visionary Perspective

Forge the path to success through a commitment to innovation and strategic investment in cutting-edge technology.

Collaborative Growth

Transform challenges into opportunities through joint problem-solving.

With a unique blend of strategic acumen and heartfelt hospitality, Chris is here to guide you on a transformative journey toward human-centered leadership.

After collaborating with Chris Holter, leaders have reported:

  • An increase in authentic leadership and influence 97% 97%
  • A clearer vision of the future and a strategic plan to guide the way 95% 95%
  • A promotion to a new position in just 6 to 12 months 80% 80%
ICF Associate Certified Coach Credentials
Coach Chris Holter's Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner certification badge.
ICF Associate Certified Coach Credentials



Chris has an extremely collaborative approach to business coaching. She is a strategic thinker who can be your partner in thinking through decisions.


Every time I have a business challenge to solve, Chris is there and finds a creative solution and training to create results across my organization.Β 


Working with Chris expands horizons and elevates energy. She creates a space where you can not play small. To me, she was an inspiration to embark on my own hero journey.


As a thinking partner, Christine is patient, thinks along with me, and provides me much more perspective than before. Her humor and open mind create a safe space to share my thoughts and ideas with her without holding back. I truly feel heard by her.


The change in my leadership is being scene in the organization by executive team around me and illustrated in our stronger achievement of goals. I feel energized and clear on the way forward.


I learned something new each day from working with Chris, from revenue management to business performance across 30+ countries and beyond. She knows how to help people ignite their passion and find their best talents to grow and succeed.



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Personalized monthly support to create confidence, and clarity, and make real progress towards achieving your goals. We are passionate about working with organizations and teams, as well as with senior leaders seeking a trusted advisor.


Compassionate Change Catalyst Chris Holter, the Leadership Development Coach inspiring visionary leaders

Chris Holter brings a vibrant presence to the stage, seamlessly weaving together insights from leadership development and personal empowerment. Chris’ blend of authenticity and expertise inspires audiences to rise to the next level.


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As a leader with a team, you want an extraordinary team that drives performance. We can help you foster 12% more productivity, 6x more engagement, and a culture that creates a winning environment.

Ready to elevate your leadership and drive transformative change?

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