At Chris Holter Consulting, we understand that the journey to exceptional leadership is unique for every individual. Our 1:1 executive coaching and leadership development services are tailored to meet your specific needs and aspirations. Whether you’re seeking to master your leadership skills, tackle complex organizational challenges, or elevate your executive presence, having an industry leader walk alongside you can provide the insight and support you need to succeed.


Laying The Foundation

Your vision, goals, talents, values, and energy define who you are. Together, we’ll elevate your leadership skills by building on these unique qualities. Whether you’re feeling stuck or have a big goal in mind, we’re here to help.

Creating The Strategy

We’ll partner to create a strategic plan using insights from our foundational work, AI technology, the Return on Coaching Tool, and input from those who know you best. Together, we’ll develop practical tactics to tackle leadership challenges head-on and create positive momentum toward your goals.

Results-Driven Progress

We’ll strive toward your goals with a clear strategy and unwavering support. By leveraging your strengths and aligning with your vision, we’ll help you build confidence, overcome challenges, and lead with purpose and clarity.

"As a thinking partner, Christine is patient, thinks along with me, and provides me much more perspective than before. Her humor and open mind create a safe space to share my thoughts and ideas with her without holding back. I truly feel heard by her."

"Working with Chris expands horizons and elevates energy. She creates a space where you can not play small. To me, she was an inspiration to embark on my own hero journey."

"Chris has an extremely collaborative approach to business coaching. She is a strategic thinker who can be your partner in thinking through decisions."


✓ A modern leader…

You’re innovative, forward-thinking, and open to new ideas. You thrive on leading by example and are always seeking ways to improve your team’s performance, well-being, and engagement. You understand that leadership today requires a blend of empathy, adaptability, and a strong vision for the future.

✓ READY to know your next steps…

You’re at a crossroads, looking for clarity and direction. Whether it’s navigating career transitions, scaling your business, or stepping into a larger role, you seek to understand the best path forward. You’re ready to uncover the actionable steps that will lead you to your goals, supported by strategic planning and insightful guidance.

✓ hungry to grow or expand your life and Impact…

You’re not content with the status quo. You’re eager to grow personally and professionally, to broaden your influence, and leave a lasting legacy. You seek to expand your horizons, challenge your limits, and significantly impact your organization and community. You’re ready to embrace change, foster innovation, and inspire those around you.