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Trusted Advisor & Executive Coach

Chris Holter is the go-to Executive Coach for the new generation of leaders shaping business. She provides a model of what is possible and an out-of-the-box coaching experience that mixes art and science that gives you a roadmap to your vision. You maximize your impact when you shift your focus to personal development, innovation, and empowering people.

As a highly respected global executive with the world’s largest hospitality company Marriott International for nearly two decades, she learned first-hand the leadership struggles and, at times, felt alone with nowhere to turn for help and not sure what to do next. She forged ahead, seeking out mentors, coaches, and education, where she earned an MBA and Certifications in Leadership, Positive Psychology, Nero-science, and Coaching to illuminate the way forward and create a sustainable impact and legacy.

She connected her vision, values, talents, and skills to be her best, and when she did, the impossible became possible. She calls us this the 10X factor. At Marriott International, she was considered a mentor and leadership development partner impacting hundreds of careers. She believes the key is focusing on the internal revenue, which in turn creates massive external success.

If you want to ignite your mission, break the mold, and bring your unique perspective into the world to achieve your dreams, now is the time to step into being you and be, more importantly, whom you are meant to be.

Legacies don’t just happen they are created. Let’s connect!

Chris Holter has been recognized as the Best Female Thought Leader 2021 by the Global Ignite Vision Awards (GIVA), which recognizes great women entrepreneurs who shape the difference in the world.

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